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WARNING: this is a draft, DO NOT FOLLOW this guide. It's not finished yet and not fully tested !!!

XCode proposes to create a GIT Repository when you start a new project.
We will see here how to transfer it to a remote GIT Server


Verify if you git repository is working properly

cd /Users/chris/Documents/my_programs/test001
git status

It should show the following or something equivalent

$ git status
# On branch master
nothing to commit (working directory clean)

Clone the repository

On the computer which runs XCode

make a clone which will be sent to the GIT Server

cd /Users/chris/Documents/my_programs
git clone --bare test001 test001.git
tar czf test001.tgz test001.git

On the GIT Server

Copy the previous test001.tgz into your server by your own way, then let's use it in order to copy the folder into your GIT Server

cd /var/cache/git
tar xzf /home/chris/test001.tgz
mv test001.git test001

If you share with HTTP, continue with

cd /var/cache/git/test001
git update-server-info
cd hooks
mv post-update.sample post-update


Depends how you defined your security ; maybe just the following is enough if you are working alone

chown -R chris.chris /var/cache/git/test001

In my case I use ACL, so it will be more like that (I create a group and I give access to its members)

groupadd git_test001_read
groupadd git_test001_write
addgroup chris git_test001_write
chmod -R 700 /var/cache/git/test001
setfacl -R -m g:git_test001_read:rX /var/cache/git/test001
find /var/cache/git/test001 -type d | xargs setfacl -R -m d:g:git_test001_read:rX
setfacl -R -m g:git_test001_write:rwX /var/cache/git/test001
find /var/cache/git/test001 -type d | xargs setfacl -R -m d:g:git_test001_write:rwX

Back on the computer running XCode

We can now set the local repository to target a new remote server. Personally I prefer to pull an entirely new clone from the repository to be sure everything works properly. And to do so, I delete the previous local repository. Here are the 2 possibilities

SSH Configured

In order to use all the commands without having to type a login each time, the best you can do is to configure your SSH acces to work only with this command


Even if

  • the port is different than 22
  • your login is different than your Macbook's
  • you are using a private key

As advised by Linus Torvalds himself (creator of GIT), you should use the file ~/.ssh/config to configure the access to your server.

 Host *
  port 22222
  protocol 2
  PubKeyAuthentication yes
  PasswordAuthentication no
  User chris

In addition to that, a Private key should be configured

  • on the serveur in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • on your Macbook in ~/.ssh/id_dsa

Method 1: Add remote server

cd /Users/chris/Documents/my_programs/test001
git remote add origin ssh://

Method 2: Pull a new repository

cd /Users/chris/Documents/my_programs/
mv test001 test001.old
git clone ssh://

After either of the 2 previous methods

Any futur commits will be done from XCode. Then, when you want to pull or push the result, just use these simple commands

cd ~/Documents/my_programs/test001
git pull origin master
git push

It would be very useful to excluse all the .DS_Store file from all of your futur repositories:

git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore
echo .DS_Store >> ~/.gitignore

But if you want to do it specifically for this repo, you must do it with the .git/info/exclude file

echo .DS_Store >> ~/Documents/my_programs/test001/.git/info/exclude

There's no way to do it from the server... each programmer must repeat this on all their computers.


If you have any feedback, please write to me

or edit this page (you just have to subscribe with a valid email).

Green/Yellow Lights

In the repositories shown in the XCode Organizer the light was yellow instead of green, but everything seemed to work correctly. It means there's an authentication problem, which is due to XCode not noticing everything is fine, connecting with a private key.

PUSH from XCode

I cannot PUSH from XCode, there's only the buttons "PULL" and "clone".

Even if I added the new repository via

XCode -> File -> Sources control -> Repositories -> <+> -> Checkout or Clone Repository

I keep launching the PUSH via the commande line

git push origin master

Command or XCode organizer ?

I tried to add the new repository via XCode interface:

XCode -> File -> Sources control -> Repositories -> <+> -> Checkout or Clone Repository

But the result is the same. No advantage that I could notice, only more questions.

With the method I wrote here, when you open your file essai.xcodeproj, the repository is automatically added anyway.